Debossing Process

Debossing Process

In debossing, an image is pressed into the surface of the pouch creating depressions rather than raised impressions. The same techniques used for embossing can be used with debossing to create visual effects and texture.

This process utilizes an electronic sealing machine to press a die into the surface of the pouch material, leaving a depressed (debossed) imprint of the design, logo, or title on the pouch. It is very similar to hot foil stamping, decorating the pouch without the foil and only leaving the stamped impression (debossed into the material) onto the pouch. Debossing will never peel or flake off, it is a permanent impression.

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Once your logo proof is approved, we cannot accept any returns for any reason.

Foil hot stamping on velour or velvet type fabric is not a permanent application. Unlike the smooth surface of paper or board, pouch fabric has a nap, making the host stamp less than perfect, as a permanent print.

Foil hot stamping may or may not rub off when you rub your finger along the printed area. This is normal under these circumstances. However, if a little care is given to your printed pouches, the printing will last a considerable length of time.

If your requirements are for a longer lasting print, you may want to consider debossing. This procedure eliminates the foil and the results are a strong permanent indentation in the pouch which is legible and also produces a rich look.

We must also point out that the pressure required to hot or blind stamp may or may not leave a slight impression on the reverse side of the pouch. This is also normal and we guarantee our pouches will make a most favorable "impression" on your customers.

Therefore, please keep in mind, once the logo proof is approved, we cannot accept any returns for any reason.

Thank you for your understand, and your cooperation is greatly appreciated!