Softpouch.com gives you a wide selection of custom drawstring suede bags and pouches for every occasion. With hundreds of colors, dozens of sizes and customization options to choose, you can make your own custom drawstring bags and pouches for every need.

Choose from printed and unprinted pouches in all shades of red, blue, black, gray, pink, purple and much more. With a wide variety of sizes, you can select bags for small or large gifts, or you can give your customers a specialized wrapping to make your items sophisticated while keeping them safe.

Softpouch.com allows you to place large or small orders and customize your order according to your needs, so you always have the perfect pouch. For businesses looking for professional wrapping for fragile items, soft, drawstring bags are the perfect option.

SoftPouch.com provides custom drawstring suede bags, velour, velvet, satin, leather, microfiber and simulated leather bags in a variety of sizes to keep items polished and safe during travel.

Customers will have an elegant bag to keep their purchases in, or they can keep the item wrapped and order a classy gift for a friend. For fragile glass items, jewelry, or small items that may be easily lost, drawstring pouches and bags keep all items together and keep them safe from scratches. Keep pouches for shipping special items, keep them for gifts, or put them near jewelry, coins, charms, gemstones or collectibles in your shop to entice customers.

While plastic bags may be punctured during shipping, making it easy to lose beads, jewels, charms and other small items, fabric and leather pouches will keep items safe.

After their purchase, customers can keep items in a small suede, velvet or velour bag as they travel or move items around. Print your business name on the bag to reinforce your brand, impress your customers and make it easy for customers to recommend your business to others or reorder. Larger bags can also be used for wine glasses, mugs, sculptures, flasks, eyeglasses, watches, collectibles and other fragile pieces.

SoftPouch.com brings you custom drawstring suede bags and pouches up to 6” x 9” to accommodate any number of larger fragile, professional or elegant items. Put your custom wedding wine flutes in individual suede bags to keep them dust- and scratch-free for the bride and groom, keep commemorative coins polished and clean in velvet or velour bags, and keep eyeglasses safe from smudges and scrapes in microfiber bags.

Microfiber bags will not only ensure the items are safe from scratches, but also keep the surface polished as it sits in the bag, and can be used for cleaning glass and metal.

SoftPouch.com ships fabric and leather bags at affordable prices straight to your door. With a variety of bags at .99 cents or less, you can order soft pouches to ship your own items and make a distinct impression on your customers. Instead of using generic plastic bags that won’t protect your items or boxes that will add shipping costs while letting fragile pieces shift around during travel, use a soft, sturdy and unique fabric pouch.

Fabric pouches offer a soft cushion to keep glass pieces, jewelry, beads and other small or fragile merchandise from getting scratched or broken while keeping all the items together.

Customers can then keep their purchases in their fabric or leather bags and make sure the items are not scratched or broken and they won’t become dusty or get lost. With customization options, you can select bags that match the size and color of your item, and you can make your gift or merchandise special for the recipient. Add the recipient’s name or initials to the pouch to ensure their gift is not mismatched or misplaced.

You can also add a company name to distribute unique gifts to your workers or add a thank you message. For wedding gifts, wish the couple a happily ever after, or show your wedding party how much you appreciate their support with customized gift pouches.

Select a leather pouch for flasks, shot glasses, pocket knives, mugs, pens, lighters, cufflinks and other gifts for men, and a soft velvet, velour or satin pouch for bracelets, earrings, rings, compacts, perfumes, charms and other gifts for women.

Match your fabric or leather gift pouches by color, monogram the pouch with your recipients’ names, or select your friends’ or family members’ favorite colors. Take a look at the affordable fabric and leather bags for sale now on SoftPouch.com. Select a size to suit your items and pick your colors.

Choose from printed pouches to customize with your name, business name, initials, recipients’ names and other special messages, or choose from unprinted pouches e ready to go.

Order and customize individual bags or order up to 5,000 or more to use for your own shipping materials or to stock in your store. Order pouches in the closeout section to get prices as low as .22 cents a pouch.

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